Holy Cross Home Care And Hospice is a Hospice located at 10720 Columbia Pike Second Floor, Silver Spring, MD – 20901. This hospice owneship is categorized as Non-Profit, and has been certified by the government to deliver care since 05/09/86.

ElderPerfect is focused on delivering accurate local information on senior housing facilities and home care providers. We’ve designed our solution to be transparent on listing the extensive options available to your family. Our excellent customer service is achieved by matching relevant facilities to your current requirements based on unique needs and budgets. We constantly review senior housing / home care providers and remove any listing that do not meet our strict policy of conduct and quality.

Provider Address: 10720 Columbia Pike Second Floor, Silver Spring, MD 20901

Provider CMS Certification Number (CCN):

Provider Certification Date: 5/9/86

Provider Ownership: Non-Profit

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