Senior Housing Facilities

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Senior Housing includes a wide range of medical and support services provided over indefinite periods of time. We term indefinite due to the nature of aging, where a patient’s symptoms and overall development usually diminish overtime (according to the government, 17.6% of long-term residents worsen in symptoms over time).

Many Senior Housing providers offer medical care (which is classified as Nursing Homes) which include additional assistance with routine activity. A licensed physician supervises each patient’s care with medical staff always available on-site.

When evaluating senior housing options, it’s important to consider future needs.

Physical/Medical: Will support with physical needs activities be required in the future?

Financial: Have a budget with anticipated expenses. In 2018, the average cost of a nursing home was around $100,000 / year for a private room and $89,000 for a share room.

Accessibility: What’s the proximity to Hospitals, Drug Stores, Supermarkets?

Social: Is the family / friends close by? Also what opportunities are available to introduce more social networks and avoid isolation.

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